Chromotherapy used in Stroke Recovery

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy (also known as Color Therapy) is a method of treatment that uses visible spectrum (colors) to promote healing. It is a old concept used successfully over thousands of years to cure various diseases. The ancient Egyptians used specially built solarium rooms with different colored glasses. The sun would shine through the colored glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits. Others used different colored silk clothes to filter varying shades of light onto their bodies. According to the National Library of Medicine, colors generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy that are prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body, the stimulants or sedatives necessary to balance the entire system and its organs.

Many therapists are using chromotherapy on their patients. They report success in recovery of stroke survivors.

How And Why Chromotherapy Works

Everything is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. Colors are frequency wavelengths with attraction.

The Earth, our continents, oceans, in fact every living thing depends on light to be able to exist. Recent scientific evidence suggests that light is in fact emitted by every cell in our bodies. We live in a sea of energy where color is working within us. It shines within our divine self, and radiates upon us from the sun. Research and observation has shown us that specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems. Chromotherapy can easily be used as an alternative to Chinese acupuncture, achieving the same results in unblocking meridians without the discomfort of needles used in acupuncture.

How Different Colors Effect Our Bodies


Regulates the pituitary gland, fights depression, bulimia, and other psychosomatic conditions affecting the gastric system. It is useful in calming the nervous system, fights irritability, insomnia and can be used to assist in recovery from nervous breakdowns.


Calming. Stimulates the parasympathetic system, reduces blood pressure and calms both breathing and heart-rate. It has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects. Fights both physical and mental tension and is used to assist in relaxation.


Is used to energise and stimulate. Affects the heart by increasing pulse rate, and the muscles by increasing their tension. Influences vitality, and increases body temperature. Can be used to develop excitement and sensuality.


Increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies blood, helps digestion, and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being.


Used for regeneration. Also, provides energy and balances the chronobiological rhythm, by stimulating the production of serotonin, a substance which regulates both sleep and the nervous system. Rebalances the psychophysical and hormonal systems in people who suffer from seasonal depression.


Purple is considered to be a high vibrational color. It is purifying to the body and can help with detoxification. It can also be used for headaches. It exerts a soothing effect on the eyes, ears and nervous system. It can enhance sleep and soothe mental and emotional stress.

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