What We Do

Champions of Hope… Empowering Stroke Survivors!

We Empower, Educate & Guide

We provide outreach services - both locally and globally - to empower stroke survivors and their caregivers with resources, hope and direction. Our goal is to help them overcome and transform their lives beyond stroke.

With compassion, kindness and faith we are building a community (Hive of Hope) for all those who have been impacted by the devastation of stroke.


Hope provides a renewing of the mind & spirit - allowing restoration and healing to begin from within. Hope is universal and life changing. Hope changes everything!

Our Current Programs Include:

  • Motivational and educational seminars
  • Survivor and caregiver support
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Hospital and rehabilitation visits (local & Skype)
  • Interactive website resources for worldwide access

Why Is This So Needed?

  • Someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke every 40 seconds.
  • Every 2 seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke.
  • Stroke is the #1 cause of adult disability.
  • Stroke can happen to anyone, anytime, at any age.

Bcenter services are inspired by the unwavering vision of our founder, Valerie Greene, who is a two-time stroke survivor with an unyielding commitment to and compassion for those whose lives have been challenged by a stroke.

Together, we can B-Better!