About the Bcenter

Here's the buzz ...

What does Bcenter do?

Bcenter is here to help move you beyond stroke ...

The most common question asked after leaving the hospital & rehab is -

"Now What?"

Our efforts are dedicated to providing alternative recovery resources, hope and direction to stroke survivors and their caregivers.

Why a Bee & Hive?

Bcenter embraces the symbolism of a bee, which, dating back to the Egyptians, represents hope and inspiration.

Our bee and hive emblems stand for victory, courage and community.

Global Stroke Resource has deemed a "Bee" as the metaphoric pillar of stroke recovery essentially because bees shouldn't be able to fly - but do; thus reinforcing how a belief in recovering from a stroke starts with the belief that you can , and will.

The inspiration came from founder Valerie Greene who was nicknamed “B" as a child by her late father.


"Have faith and Never Give Up!"

You are not alone. Today there are more than 20 million stroke survivors worldwide. Together, we are strong and can build a “hive of hope."

Bee Symbolism

What bees signfiy in other parts of the world


Bees are found as tribal totems. Kung Bushmen believe bees are carriers of supernatural power.

In Australia & Africa

Bees are thought to possess a secret wisdom garnered from the otherworld.

In Celtic Areas

Bees were a regal symbol, and the fleur -de-lis of the House of Bourbon.

In Imperial France

Krishna, as an avatar of Vishnu, has a blue bee in the middle of his forehead. Soma, the moon, is called a bee. Siva is represented as a triangle surmounted by a bee. Kama, god of love, has a bow-string of bees.

In India

Bees were the tears of Ra, the sun god, and the giver of life and resurrection. King Menes' wife was named after the bee-goddess, Neit. The oldest recognized temple in Egypt, at Sais in the Nile delta, was named “Hwt-bit", 'Castle of the Bee.'

In Egypt

Great Mother was known as the Queen Bee, and her priestesses were called Melissae, the Bees. Bees were the emblem of Eros, Demeter, Cybele, Diana, Rhea, and Artemis. The Pythian priestess at Delphi was known as the Delphic Bee.

In Greece

In Jewish and Christian legend, bees and honey have had various meanings. In Christian tradition, the Bee was the emblem of Christ, of his forgiveness (the sweetness of his honey). Again, the symbol of industry, fidelity and virtue were predominant.

In Jewish & Christian Legend