10 Ways to Conquering Stroke

Congratulations!  You have survived one of the worst traumas to the human body.  Stroke survivors are victor’s – wounded soldiers coming home from a war on their body.  Naturally, there’s a time for mourning loss and realizing change has arrived, but then we must move forward and begin the road to recovery.  Science has proven that the brain does recover (when given the right resources), so then let’s get busy finding & utilizing them.  It’s time to put your gloves on and fight back.  Grrrrrrrr

I once heard a comparison of life to a glow-stick  –

Glow sticks are useless until they are bent, broken and shaken up, then and only then do they live up to their full potential and light up the night.  Like glow sticks we must be willing to stretch ourselves revealing the potential that lies in us all”  – Ryan Mickley

Begin with …..

  1. Support – talk, share, ask for help
  2. Attitude- this is like the compass of life.  It dictates your direction
  3. Faith- this is the time to exercise your faith. There is a greater power that never lets us go
  4. Love – family, friends, pets – love is all around us
  5. Rehab- don’t miss it – it does make a difference Watch Jamie’s Recovery
  6. Hydration – drinking the right kind of water is key. Our brain is 85% water
  7. Tools- you can’t re-build a house without tools.  Bwell resources are tools
  8. Effort- you must give your best
  9. Release- let go, and let your creator take over
  10. Joy-  Yes joy.  Smile, you are alive and your life has a purpose!  So as a man thinks, so shall he become.

Tell us about your recovery.  What have you found helps the most?





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  • Gini S July 11, 2011

    Your book title opened the door for me to see possibilities in recovery. I read it voraciously, as you know! I began researching online, separating the “truth from the misinformation”. It was through this search that I found Robin Robinson’s book, “Peeling the Onion: Reversing the Ravages of Stroke” with Dr Hammesfahr’s approach. Even “Locked-in” stroke survivors have a chance of recovering – no matter how long ago they had it. It all depends on the stroke, where it was, and how severe it was.
    I was so distraught that others were getting up and walking out the doors of the rehab within weeks, sometimes days. You cannot focus on the recovery time of others – Thank God they recovered! Focus on every little bit of improvement you make. Transferring, Standing with help, walking a few feet, moving the shoulder, elbow, hand, and even twitching fingers. I’ve even found that my old “bad” habit of leaning on my elbow is helpful … but not crossing the legs, which cuts off circulation.
    Thanks for starting me down the road to recovering the joy of life! Even walking anywhere unimpeded will be a joy!


    • Valerie, Bcenter Founder July 12, 2011

      Thank you. I’m thrilled that my book ” Conquering Stroke” has inspired you and so many. Hope is powerful. As you realized at rehab, everyone’s recovery is as different as their stroke. It’s the little things that all add up. Patience and persistence are a must. Be patient and keep up the good work.


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