Sodas & Strokes

Before I learned that soda may have contributed to my strokes, I drank Dr. Pepper with most everything – cherry coke more or less.  My grandfather retired from Coca-Cola, so I had Coke running through my veins.  Loved the stuff, until I was made aware of the dangers of soda to your health and especially diet sodas made with aspartame (artificial sweetener).  See Dr. Mercola comments about the health hazards of aspartame

I wasn’t happy about this.  I liked my Dr. Pepper, but not at the risk of having another stroke.  Been there, done that.

Take the Soda Challenge:  Stop Drinking All Soda For 1 Week

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  • Beani Cecile June 11, 2011

    I had 5 strokes and 3 TIAs. The Drs could not identify where they came from. It’s not surprising to find out it might very well be the Diet sodas, which I used to drink instead of the spring water I had from the tap. I was gaining weight, my blood sugar was out of control, and I had pain in the legs in the middle of the night. Yes, the headaches and leg pain was reported to Drs and it was *ignored* for years.

    I have not had a soda since the strokes. I drink teas and water 98% of the time. I’ve lost 100 lbs in the past 2 years. I feel better, my sugars are much better, I’m not as lethargic either. I use STEVIA as my sweetener, avoid anything with corn syrup in it, and processed foods. It makes a great deal of difference.

    Too bad it took devastating strokes to wake me up and change. I have no use of one side, cannot cook, drive, or walk without assistance. I am still working at recovering my abilities.
    I have not given up!


    • Anonymous June 13, 2011

      While this is alarming, after hearing several similar cases I have to agree.
      Avoiding artificial sweeteners could save our life! What is so interesting
      is why beverages need so much sweetener in the first place. Many believe ,
      and are teaching (I for one) that its due to the poor water quality and
      chemicals lurking in our water supply that make up our beverages. Have you
      read the page on hydration?


      • Beani Cecile December 20, 2011

        Yes, and I totally agree with you on it! One thing that I have done is changed my routine. Before I rise each a.m. I start by rubbing Golden creme on my affected side. This is a natural vasodialator made by a Dr. and his pharmacist son years ago. I take my blood pressure, drink 5 oz of water with my Red Yeast Rice, Spirulina, and 500 mg of Magnesium gluconate (which help relax muscles), and start my exercises. I drink another 5 oz. after. Then I get up for breakfast. Set the table. Make a pot of Green or Ampalaya tea. Another 5 oz of water as I’m fixing my Steel cut oatmeal with berries and Stevia / Truvia. I end up having 5 oz to take my morning supplements of Vitamins and Borage oil, which helps calm the nerve pain (CHECK to see the nutrients similarity to Fish or krill oil and this from a PLANT source for you vegans! This helps your brain and heart!) That’s 20 oz of the 64 oz of water needed daily to be hydrated.


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