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A Key To Better Brain Health

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”.  Well, now we know that the food we eat also affects our brain function.   I admit I love a good pizza, and even though I’m not brain dead afterwards, I know it’s not brain food by any means.  So, I save those indulges for weekends or […]

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Hugs – The Miracle Drug

The healing power of a hug and loving touch can’t be understated.  Everyone needs physical contact to survive, and hugging is an act of giving and receiving the support and love people need. Hugging is the universal language of love, comfort, and friendship.  Hugging someone we know and trust can be healthy, but hugging strangers – for […]

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Superfood for Your Brain

What if consuming a simple food could drastically lower your chances of developing cancer, heart disease or stroke. There is a unique freshwater plant that has been of enormous interest to nutritional scientists over the past decade, and it shows promise for doing all of the above—and then some. It’s one of the most nutrient-packed […]

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